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LG G Series gains new momentum in the current United Arab Emirates online Mobile Phone selling market. Rating and demand of LG G Series in www.amazon.ae is stepping up each day. Latest responses of verified buyers on: LG G Series Mobile Phone

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LG G Series - Verified Review

What is the LG G6? LG would have had you believe that the LG G6 was going to be a return to form for the company after the missteps made with the LG G5 but despite slick new hardware and an impressive display, the phone still misses the mark in areas its competition doesn’t. LG G6 – Display Rather than the typical 16:9 aspect ratio seen on almost every other smartphone ahead of its arrival, LG opted for an 18:9 aspect ratio display (basically 2:1) that provides a taller panel in a smaller body. The 5.7-inch display – a sizeable increase from the 5.3-inch panel of the G5 – sits inside a shell that’s barely bigger than its predecessor and one that’s noticeably smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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